The Adopt Shop


Founded in 2005, TheAdoptShop is women and minority owned. The idea was born from one owner’s frustration with the lack of adoption-specific retail items available for her son’s Adoption Day. As an adoptee and adoptive parent, it was clear to her, and her business partner, that there was a void in the market. What began as a lunch time idea was turned quickly into a company with the help of some generous and creative friends — the talents of whom are displayed in the themed graphic art.

Adoption is an age-old practice but the recent boom among celebrities has raised awareness and promoted acceptance for this once secreted ceremony. It is a momentous time that can, and should, be formalized enthusiastically with friends and family.

There are all kinds of adoptions available including international, fost-adopt, kinship, domestic, private, and open. Whether single, gay, young, married, or empty-nesting, adoption is an extraordinary way to begin, or expand, a family.